Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking Care of Business

Dear Mr. "I'm done with my "waggles"* so I'll throw my plate across the room to let you know",

I am sending you this bill in regard to the dishes you have broken in the last week. Three plates in three days is a little excessive. I was willing to let it slide until I made the trip to Pottery Barn and saw the total bill for dish replacement. Ten dollars a plate seemed reasonable enough when I registered for them and the plates were supposed to last at least ten years. Now that you have come along, though, we seem to be running short on plates, glasses and multiple other breakables that your slippery hands like to hold.

So, son, here's your first bill:

3 Salad Plates from Pottery Barn @ $10 per plate + 8.25% sales tax= $32.48

Your Mama

And yes, kisses do count for currency in this house.

*Clayspeak: Waggle=waffle


Me and My Boys said...

OH MY GRACIOUS!! I'm not laughing at you...really! I just totally understand. The boys are not allowed to touch glass things. Two bowls and one plate were enough for me. And since we don't have a Pottery Barn in WF (what do we have you ask? NOTHING!) it would require me to pay shipping or gas to get to Dallas or San Antonio. Plus I think they may have discontinued our set. :(

Jennifer W. said...

Too funny. I love that picture! And Clarissa, you should come to San Antonio anytime after May 14th. I will be here PERMANENTLY and we can go to Pottery Barn together. I need to get myself a set of white dishes too. If I get that money tree and all...