Sunday, April 5, 2009

On the Road

One of my good friends, Jessica, is getting married this month so the Skloss Family has been on the road. We've been in San Antonio for a little over a week and will continue to be here for another week. While we are here in SA we are staying with Mike's parents (Nana and Papa).

We have done lots of fun things while we have been here. Carolina and I have been to a shower, bachelorette party and bridal luncheon. I had such a good time at the lingerie shower and bachelorette party hanging out with the girls (lots of catching up with old youth group girls) and being with adults (even though my sweet girl slept in the next room). Clay joined us for lunches with my dad, dinner with my sister and her kids and lots of other fun outings.

One of the big bummers of our trip was that my cell phone was stolen. I had it in Carolina's car seat and we went to lunch and Toys R Us. At one of the two places, someone else got it. I hate to think someone at Toys R Us would be that shady but oh, well. The bozo who took it racked up 736 text messages, accessed the internet and used almost all of my minutes- all in 36 hours. Hopefully, Sprint will feel generous when my bill comes in. Yuck.

Tonight was fun for Clay and I because we had a Mommy/Son date night at Dairy Queen and the City Park (hey, Mike's parents live in a small town, you know?). He was so cute. He climbed on my lap and ate his dinner and we did some people watching together. Then we went and played at the park and did the stairs and the slide over and over and over. He loved it (and I loved watching him).

Since we are here for so long, Mike is still working back at home (he came in for a couple of days last week) and won't be here for good until tomorrow. We can't wait!

It's been a fun trip but one of the best parts is the trip is the kids' Easter present from Nana and Papa. They have been teasing us for a month or so about getting Clay a real bunny for Easter. Mike and I don't think that's very funny. We have three animals and two babies already. Why would we need something else that can't control it's "business"?? Yikes.

We had a pretty good idea that they had bought a bunny for Clay and Mike couldn't help but prod his mom about it. His mom told him it was medium sized, kept in the back yard and the kids would love playing with it. I made it clear no bunny was going back to Dallas in my car. No way.

So when I got here with the kids Mike's mom took me outside to see the "bunny". It's not quite the "bunny" I was expecting.

It's a swing set- or "play" as Clay says ( and yes, my kids are spoiled by their Nana and Papa). The kids love it (and I love that I'm not a bunny mama) and it's been so much fun to watch Clay play on it. Such a good surprise!

( I love this pic because Clay rolls his eyes back every night at the dinner table as one of his silly games and I always wish I had a camera. Finally, I caught it! )

This week we have stuff planned every night so it should be pretty eventful. Maybe I'll even get around to snapping a few pictures (which I've totally neglected this past week).

Other than Jessica's wedding next weekend, the highlight of our upcoming week is a little getaway Mike and I are planning. It's our first night away from Carolina so keep us in your prayers that she'll take a bottle and she'll be nice to Mike's parents. She is definitely a Mama's girl.

So that's what we've been up to. Lots of fun stuff already and more to look forward to!

P.S. Aren't the babies getting big? Clay turns two in a month!

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Me and My Boys said...

Hello-what an AWESOME bunny! Aren't grandparents that best? They look so adorable swinging!
We're going to be in SA for Easter and Jessica's wedding too. :) I'm not sure if the boys are going to go to the wedding though. Stuart thinks it is a BAD idea to take them since they do not do well in quiet places for more than 2 minutes and the last wedding that we went to (which just happened to be his dad's), Stuart spent the entire ceremony outside holding a screaming Tucker. may just be me at the wedding. We'll see.