Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parent's Getaway

While we were in San Antonio, Mike and I had a little fun on our own. We fully acknowledge that life is a little (or a lot) crazy with two kids under two so we were very excited to have a night on the town with just the two of us.

I have to say that it was really one of those wait-to-the-last-minute deals because we weren't confident that Miss Carolina would take a bottle for her grandparents. It's one thing to leave your five month-old overnight. It's a whole other story to leave your "screaming-because-I-hate-bottles-and I-want-my-mom-to-nurse-me" five month-old AND her tons of energy 22- month-old brother. We wanted to ensure that Mike's parents weren't traumatized by the whole experience!

The night before we left, Carolina let her Nana give her some bottles (of breastmilk) and she ate like a champ! We made our reservations for the hotel that morning and by late afternoon, we were on the road (with two empty car seats).

I really wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg but we felt like it was a little too far given Carolina's tendency to be fickle. So, I picked a B&B in the city and we loved it from the second we arrived!

Our home away from home was the Ayres Inn. It was beautiful, charming and all those things you love about staying in a B&B. When we rounded the top of the stairs, I saw the huge, mahogany double doors to our room and I fell in love! Our room was beautiful, with 14 ft. cathedral ceilings, a chandelier, two alcoves and a sitting area with a flat screen tv (they had a DVD library!).

I absolutely love older houses with character and I would love to have the room we had for a master suite. The bedding was that rich, heavy fabric with 800 thread count sheets (I need some of those!) and a memory foam mattress. I have the hardest time relaxing at home (too many things to do!) but this room made me forget everything else.

We checked in and relaxed for a little while and then had dinner at a fun restaurant (courtesy of Mike's parents, thanks!). It was so nice to have uninterrupted conversation and be able to enjoy our food without saying, "Sit on your bottom, now". We loved it (and missed our babies all the same).

We went back to the Inn and relaxed some more, watched a movie and turned in for an early night (and nobody woke us up crying, amazing!). We had a great deluxe continental breakfast which they allowed you to bring up to your room (so nice) and we enjoyed our last few minutes of silence.

The kids didn't seem to miss us much while we were gone although Clay asked about me and Nana told him I was at church with Aunt Becca (good one, Nana!) and she told him Mike was at work (he's used to that). The kids did great (in Nana and Papa's totally unbiased opinion) and Nana and Papa didn't seem frazzled at all. It was a huge blessing for us to have a night away and we certainly couldn't have done it without Mike's parents' help. We were so grateful (and we hope they're up for it again sometime!).

We had such a good time and we felt like we had been away for days upon our return (funny what a little sleep does). It was so nice to reconnect and hopefully, we can do it again soon!


jennifer said...

How fun!! We are "getting away" at the end of July and are thinking about a B&B...glad to hear you had a good experience!

Jennifer W. said...

Good for you! This post will give Kevin hope that one day, ONE DAY, I will probably be okay leaving for a night. It's one thing when she stays here with him and I'm in Hou for school. It's quite another to leave her with anyone else BUT him for more than a few hours. I don't think so. The B&B looks beautiful!!! Glad you guys had fun!

Me and My Boys said...

Fun!! Good for y'all for getting out. One day Stuart and I might just do that same!

Anita/Nana said...

We're ready to do it again if you two are!