Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Buckets

Instead of Easter "baskets" this year, the kids ended up with Easter buckets. I looked high and low and every time I would find a boy/girl one I liked, the girl version would sell out. Boo.

Finally, I found these cute buckets (and six other runner ups in case they ran out!) on Etsy. I had them painted and shipped to my in-laws. They were adorable-- with two slight problems. Carolina's was a lot smaller and it said, "Caroline". So I talked to the lady and she sent me a totally new, same-size-as-Clay's bucket with the right name on it. Yea!

It seems like things get a little crazy when we're traveling because the kids ended up opening their Easter stuff on Easter night before they went to bed instead of first thing in the morning. They were both so cranky by the end of the day that I was a little nervous about getting out a new set of toys. As soon as we showed them the buckets, though, they were both in fabulous moods!

Carolina was SO into her bucket and all of her toys.

I loved how she seemed to be trying to figure each toy out.

Clay's big hit was his little train set. He LOVES the trains!

And that was our Easter 2009!

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Rebecca said...

Oh I just love the Easter buckets!!! What a cute idea!! I love their reactions to their new toys!!:)