Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carolina's 2 month check-up

Miss Carolina had her 2 month check up yesterday (a couple of weeks late since she's 2.5 months). She did such a good job! Our little girl weighed 12 lbs. 15 oz. and was 24 inches long (or two feet tall!). She's in the 90th percentile for weight and height.

Carolina is adorable. She has the cutest little smile. I love it when she grins super big and squints her eyes and opens her mouth SO wide. There's nothing like getting your baby girl to smile for you- she's too sweet!

One of the biggest surprises with Carolina has been her dark wavy hair and blue eyes. Her hair has the cutest little wave to it. Clay's hair was always curly when it was wet as a newborn but Carolina's keeps the waves and curls even when it's dry. I also thought all of her dark hair would fall out (like Clay's did) and be replaced with lighter hair. Not with this girl! She just keeps getting more hair and it tends to curl up on the top of her head like a little duck.

Her eyes are also a dark blue color. Mike is always saying he sees brown but I never do (the red eye fix on the computer makes them look brown, too). Considering Mike and I both have dark brown eyes and Clay's are almost black, I would have to laugh if Carolina's stayed blue. They're so pretty- I hope they do!

Every day it seems like baby girl is getting more active. She got a toy for Christmas that reacts to her kicking it with music and lights. She loves it so much and it is so funny to watch her "playing". I often catch her smiling at the ceiling fan or her toys (especially her swing mobile) when no one is standing by her.

Carolina is also doing pretty well with her sleep. She was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks (8-9 hours) and then she relapsed over Christmas. We are finally getting back on track and she has started sleeping through the night again the last couple of nights (thank God!).
The time is going by so quickly with Carolina. I try to soak in as much as I can with her given that Clay is so active. She is very patient with him as he loves to share my lap when I nurse her and he always holds his hands up to "hold" her. Even when she gets bumped in the head or sat on by a cat (we're always having to rescue the poor girl!), she still doesn't even really fuss. What a sweetie!
We're loving having a little girl around. We've definitely had a pink explosion and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. And like a good "girl daddy", Mike always reminds me when I haven't put her bow in as we leave the house. She loves her bows and I love them more!
Here's a few pics of Carolina from the last couple of months:
Sweet girl
Her first New Year's kiss!

Sassy pants!

A little late night talk

Trying out the bumbo

Carolina has been such a blessing to us. We can't wait to see what else our little girl has in store for us!

*Sidenote: I was pretty surprised at how big she is (90th percentile) since she was supposedly born almost a month early. For the record, our two NICU nurses told Mike there was no way she was that early. On her birth video you hear a nurse say, "Can you believe this is a 36 weeker? If she had gone to term she would have been 14 pounds!" Thank God she didn't go to term if that would have been the case!*


Me and My Boys said...

The "late night talk" picture is absolutely precious! What a sweet hubby you have!

Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful! Don't you just love the pink explosion?! I hope we have another reason to love pink one day... then maybe some blue. :) I love the late night talk one too. Those are the best moments.

Rebecca said...

I love all the new pics you posted! I can't believe how big she is now...90th %!!! She's a growin girl!

Anita/Nana said...

I love sassy pants, late night talk and first kiss. Also, love all the bows! I am going to need soooo many picture frames.