Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas

For Christmas we traveled to San Antonio. Our car trips have always been adventurous but traveling with two kids and a dog brings it to a new level. We're quickly learning that an SUV that seats five isn't as big as it sounds. Mike's dad came through town a couple of days before we left and took a load of gifts because there was NO WAY we were going to make it to San Antonio with Christmas gifts for five kids (our two + my sister's three) and and all of the adult's gifts too. It looks like there might be some car shopping going on at our house before the next Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we were joined by Mike's aunt and uncle and their family at Mike's parents' house. We exchanged gifts, had a nice dinner and visited. I kept trying to tell Clay about Santa but I don't think he'll really catch on for a couple more years.

Clay the Reindeer

Carolina's Christmas Eve outfit (I couldn't find what I wanted in her size so I made her this onesie instead- she loved it! )

Our little family

Carolina's Christmas Eve pajamas

We spent Christmas morning at Mike's parents' house opening all of our presents from each other. Clay was so preoccupied with his stuff from Santa that he didn't even open his stuff from us until that night.

The Santa stuff

Clay with one of his new toys

Mike and I got so many cool things this year. We just keep talking about how blessed we feel. The funniest part about my gifts is that I got two of them last year also. Once the cat ate the collar on my brand new wool coat and I ran over my Bluetooth all within a week of Christmas last year, Mike decided I might need replacements this year. I also got a really cool label maker (the OCD person in side of me was so happy!). My present for Mike was a Wii (but I'm hoping he'll share it!).

Clay and Carolina made out like bandits! I have been shopping for most of the year trying to find all of the best deals on cool toys. I did learn a rookie parenting lesson this year, though. I got so excited about finding good deals and making sure the children had a really fun Christmas that I WAY overbought and Clay was overwhelmed. If he had gotten a third of what we bought him he would have been thrilled. Next year, I'm cutting back to just a few special presents and I think it will be so much more meaningful. Lesson learned!

New blocks

Clay with his new dog flashlight

After we opened gifts at Mike's parents', we went to my sister's house. It's always fun to watch her kids open gifts because we put so much thought into what we get them and they always deliver on priceless expressions and squealing with joy. Mike was so excited about this hair beader that he found for my niece (how that happened I still don't know...) and that girl had those beads in her hair within minutes of opening the rest of her presents. Way to go, Uncle Mike! We had a nice dinner and Clay enjoyed playing with his cousin Brittan's new toys.

My dad and all of his grandchildren

Clay and Brittan with Grandpa

Clay getting in touch with his feminine side

Casey with her hair beader

Kaelen and his harmonica

Brittan being oh so delicate with the wrapping paper (she takes after her aunt!)

She was happy just looking at the picture on the box!

When we left my sister's we headed back to the country to Mike's Grandma Susie's house. She lives on some land in the country and has what could only be described as a mini-petting zoo. Clay got to hand feed cows, pet chickens and pigs and ride on a donkey. The best part was when he lost his shoe in the pig pen and Mike's dad had to rescue it. What a fun time for our city boy!

A True Pig Sty

Clay meets the Donkey

Uncle Larry, Clay and Nana

Clay, Papa (or Tot) and the chickens
By the end of the day we were all exhausted. Driving from the country to the city and back to the country can be tiring (4 hours total on Christmas Day!). We had such a wonderful Christmas!
A little boy who's had enough for one day....

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Jennifer said...

I love that death stare of Carolina's in her Christmas pj's. Maybe someone was getting a little tired of all the pictures. :)