Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 20 Month Day!

Clay Morgan,

You are 20 months old today! Such a big boy! You are growing SO fast and it is very exciting for your Daddy and I to watch. Every day you do something new. We laugh at all the funny things you do and wait to see what you will do next. Here are some of the things you are doing now:

-Talking. You have always babbled A LOT but over Thanksgiving you picked up so many words. Every day you are talking more and more and communicating what you want. This morning you told me "up" and pointed to the empty bathtub. Once I placed you in there you told me "bap" and "bash". You tried so hard to tell me what you wanted that even though it wasn't bath time we took one anyway. You also started saying "cuckoo" (repeating mommy) and "uh-oh" today. The thing I hear most often is "It's stuck." You say it all the time and most of the time you have managed to get something or some part of your body stuck somewhere. Funny boy.

-Climbing. You are such a monkey! This month we have found you climbing over the gate blocking the Christmas tree, climbing on top of the toilet seat and into the bathroom sink, onto the back of the couches, onto the kitchen table, through the window of your new play kitchen and finally, into your crib (from the outside). You are constantly trying to climb onto things and find things to boost you up. You drag a stool around and use it to flip the light switches and you stand on your lion "bike" to get onto the backs of the couches.

-Loving. You are such a lovey boy lately. You love to give us hugs with your arms wrapped around our necks. You constantly come up to me and hold your arms out and say "up". I love it. You hate to be put down and cry when we do. Daddy is teaching you to say "I love you". Too sweet. Daddy gave me a kiss the other day when he was leaving for work and you ran over and puckered your lips and stood on your toes for your kiss. We thought you were adorable, sweet boy.
-Being a good big brother. Daddy and I are SO proud of the good big brother that you are. You are always so kind and sweet to your sister. We always find you giving her blankets and pacifiers and trying to lie next to her on her playmat. You want to hold her and hold your arms up until we put her in your arms (with a little help).

-Laughing. You LOVE to laugh. Today you were laughing at Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and it was so cute. You think everything is so funny lately. We can get you to laugh anytime by doing just the simplest thing. We love hearing you laugh!

-Singing. You work so hard to sing along with the songs that Daddy and I sing to you. You do the motions to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "This Little Light of Mine" and several other songs and sing the words. Your favorite song is one that we sing in Bible class about the breeze and you always want Daddy and I to make the breeze blow with paper, books, etc.

-Writing. You love to have a pen or marker and write. You always end up coloring your hands as well as the paper but you're learning better. I love nothing more than to see your artwork hanging on the front of the fridge!

There are so many things that you do that we love. You are so sweet and we are so happy that you are such a good little boy. Happy 20 month day, Clay!

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Rebecca said...

I can't believe that he's almost 2! Boy time flies by!! He cracks me up when he does his little dances too!:)