Saturday, January 31, 2009

Computer Learning

Lately, Clay and I have been practicing his letters and numbers. He's still not super "performance oriented" but he's been doing his numbers a lot and we've just started on letters. He always counts when he thinks no one is listening (Mommy is ALWAYS listening!). His favorite numbers are "2" and "6". Funny thing, six has always been a favorite word of his (one of his firsts).

Anyhow, since we're raising kids in this technologically friendly world, I am trying to incorporate the computer into his learning. Here's a new favorite website of ours for working with letters and sounds (and eventually reading): It's very simple but Clay loves it. If you check it out, make sure to click on every letter you see. They all have sounds and do tricks. Have fun!

Also, please comment if you have a favorite learning website (blog stalkers, you too!). We'd love to add to our list!


Anita/Nana said...

Brittany, I love that you keep the blog refreshed so often with stories and pictures. This one is so cute with Mike holding both kids and all are so intent on the screen. No wonder little ones can figure out computers so fast, they are so curious! Hugs to all.

jennifer said...

Kennan loves and well as the Thomas and Friends website. He is at the age where he can play them by himself, so it may be a little advanced for Clay. We used to put Kennan in our lap and do it with him and he loved it!