Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something's Cookin'

We have a new chef at our house! I didn't include in our Christmas post much of what the kids got for Christmas but Clay's "big gift" was a new play kitchen. Even though he didn't get to actually open it on Christmas because we were traveling, he loved opening it at home.

I looked and looked at different customer reviews for kitchens and it was a hard choice- all the kitchens got good reviews. From what I read it is definitely a popular toy for this age so I was really excited to get one for Clay. Here is the one we chose:

The Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen

It's a super cute kitchen with lots of food and accessories. The spatulas and some of the other utensils are real metal and it has lots of pots and pans. The funny part to me was the faux wood floor- as if Clay would know the difference!

This is our kitchen in action:

It's always fun to see what's in the oven

The microwave buttons beep when you press them

He had to check out all of the cups and plates. He even tried to eat the food!

So many choices...

The kitchen also doubles as a jungle gym...

Clay was very excited to see his kitchen. To be fair, though, he hasn't spent the hours that all of children in the reviews I read spend playing in their kitchens. He loves it and will play in it but he definitely prefers to play in it when it's clean (guess who cleans it?) and when he has company. One of the longest periods he spent playing thus far is the night he figured out he could crawl through the kitchen window. I know I should probably stop him but it's pretty sturdy and it keeps him VERY busy.
So far, it's been a hit. I can't wait to see all of the creations that come out of this kitchen!


jennifer said...

How fun! I think we are going to get Brayden (and Kennan will play with it too) a kitchen next year for Christmas! One of my kids would probably discover it is fun to climb on also!

Me and My Boys said...

So fun! I have a feeling that Tucker is going to get a kitchen for his 2nd birthday (Feb 1). Where did you get yours at?

Rebecca said...

I love the pic of him climbing in the kitchen...he's soo sneaky! Great present Mom and Dad.

Anita/Nana said...

Can't wait to see the kitchen in action...
Nana & Papa

Garrett & Jamie said...

WOW! Awesome kitchen mom & daddy! I can't believe how big your precious boy is getting! He is SO BEAUTIFUL!