Friday, February 6, 2009

Clay Day

Ever since Carolina was born, we have tried to make one day a week "Clay Day". It's so easy for us to get overwhelmed with cleaning up the house and getting errands done on Mike's time off that at least once a week we do something geared specifically at his age. He loves hanging out with both Mom and Dad and we LOVE watching him play and spending time as a family. We've had many Clay Days and they are always fun.

This week we did Planet Pizza. The best part about Mike's time off being Monday- Wednesday (+ Thursdays every other week) is that all of the places we go are basically empty because all of the kids are in school. We were at Planet Pizza for almost two hours and we were the ONLY people there the whole time! The ride operator had to follow us from ride to ride and she would let Clay ride until he told us "all done".

Here's a Clay Day in action:

Riding the bumper cars with Daddy

He was totally freaked out by the airplanes...

...until he realized they flew!

The pirate ship didn't last very long- Clay was done after a few swings.

Clay's "all done" (in sign language)

Here's a look at some of our other Clay Days:

Driving the train with Daddy at the Choo Choo Station

Mama and Clay on the Thomas Train

Waving to the animals at Rainforest Cafe

A little bounce house time at Boomerang's

He was so proud when he stacked all of these blocks up and they stayed!

What's a Clay Day without a little dessert?

Clay Days have been so much fun for us. We love seeing how Clay will react to all of the different places and getting to experience it all with him. It's made for such good memories for us and we look forward to Clay and Carolina Days (though we might have to come up with something a little shorter!)


Texas Schaacks said...

You guys are such fun parents. What a lucky little boy!

Rebecca said...

That is such a great idea for yall to do. He's soo blessed to have yall as parents! I love the pic of Mike and Clay riding in the bumper cars.

Anita/Nana said...

You two are great parents...keep up the good work.