Friday, February 6, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today I had the pleasure of being Clay's date to the Teddy Bear Picnic. Oh what fun! The local library put this event on and we couldn't wait to go!

I've been thinking about which bear to take with us all week long (he got the most adorable one for Christmas) but Clay made his own decision yesterday. When I went into his room he was making the bear in his bed do a little dance. So cute! Then last night when I went to check on him he had the same bear lying with him as he slept.

I guess he knows this bear is really special because he got it from Aunt Rebecca the day he was born. The perfect bear for a Teddy Bear Picnic!

The picnic was the cutest little event. There was a lady reading bear books and we sang songs about bears ("The Bear Went Over the Mountain" and "When Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic"). They handed out Teddy Grahams for a snack and everyone got to sit on their own "picnic blanket". At the end, we did a Teddy Bear parade through the library. It was so sweet!

There were SO many other people there and Clay was a little nervous when we first sat down. He didn't quite know what kind of place I had taken him! By the time we got around to the parade, though, he was ready to march! Cute, cute, cute.

After the "picnic" we were still a little hungry (Man cannot live on Teddy Grahams alone!), so we had lunch with Mike. Here's Papa Bear, Baby Bear and Running Bear leaving the restaurant:

And that was our "beary" good day!


Rebecca said...

Oh I'm soo glad that he love the bear. It sounds like you guys had soo much fun!!!

Me and My Boys said...

Oh my gracious, the pic of the three of them walking is adorable! What a sweet family!

Anita/Nana said...

Way to go Mama Bear! Love the story along with the pics. It is like being there! Can't wait to see you and Papa Bear, but we are especially excited to see baby bear and running bear. Too cute!