Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had such a fun little Valentine's week. Clay and Carolina got cute little Valentine cards from their Auntie Jamie and Uncle Garrett. Clay kept getting frustrated with his card because once he closed it, he couldn't figure out how to reopen it. So funny! Now he shelves it with his books on his bookshelf.

We also made a few little Valentine's treats. We started the week with cupcakes and Clay only wanted to eat the sprinkles. He had the best time putting on his own sprinkles.

Yesterday morning we went to playgroup and made Valentine's gingerbread houses. Such a cute idea! They had a ton of candy choices but Clay and I voted on using "manly" colors for his. He still hasn't figured out that you get to eat the candy when you're done (and I'm not telling...).

Yesterday afternoon Mike's mom, Nana, came to visit us for the weekend. I was excited to have company (and help) while Mike is at work and the kids were very excited to see her.

This morning, we opened Valentine's treats. I filled a little basket with some goodies for our special day. Clay got Play-Doh toys and Carolina got a new toy to hang from her car seat. They got Madagascar 2 to share (Carolina loves watching cartoons with Clay).

Daddy brought home flowers and balloons this morning

I also made some puppy pops and put one in his basket. I saw them in a magazine and they were too fun to pass up! Here's Clay's (minus a few bites :))

Nana got them something extra special- Elmo Live! It was so cute watching Clay blow Elmo kisses and listen to his stories. Elmo talks, makes jokes, sits down on a chair and dances. Tonight he fell on the floor and he asked us to pick him up (not sure what to think about that?) but it's too funny watching Clay listen to him so intently and copy him. Carolina loves him, too. I think we will definitely have some fun times with our new Elmo doll!

We spent the rest of our day playing with our new goodies and had a fun Italian dinner (thanks, Papa!). It was definitely a day filled with love!

Our littlest Valentine


Rebecca said...

Sounds like yall had a great Valentine's Day!!! Can't wait to give Clay and Carolina their little gifts too.:)

Me and My Boys said...

What a great love day! We just Madagascar 2 too-we have watched it no less than twice a day.

Anita/Nana said...

The visit was too short, Brittany. Next time will have to be longer so we can add some 'daytime' shopping and cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. Love all the pics.