Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Months Old

I am a little belated in making Carolina's 3 month post- but better late than never! Carolina Blair is such a sweet girl. I look at her new developments every day and I can't believe how fast the time is going with her!

When I was pregnant with her, I always felt like she was going to be very determined and sassy. I am proud to say that I was wrong! She is very sweet and patient.

Last week, she started really trying to put her toys in her mouth. She works SO hard to grasp the toys on her bouncy seat or her gym. This week was the first time she was able to grab and hold the ones on her bouncy seat. Talk about a proud girl! She tried and tried to do it again.

Another favorite of hers is sticking out her tongue. She does this all day, every day. She loves to play the game where I stick my tongue out and she copies. She's so cute!

We also hear lots of noises from Miss Priss. She is and has always been the noisiest baby I have ever heard. It's nearly impossible for me to nurse her in quiet public places (church, uncrowded malls) because she makes SO much noise while eating. She is quite the talker and cooer, too. Mike and I were just saying yesterday how we don't even notice her noises anymore but other people always comment on it.

In the past month or so, Carolina has had a "beauty challenge" (she's still beautiful, though!). The poor girl got a bad case of cradle cap. It didn't bother me or seem to bother her (you'd be surprised how much a bow covers!) but we decided we needed to try and clear it up last night.

I covered her head in Aquaphor and Mike combed it all out. It took most of the cradle cap off but it also took something else off- her pretty dark hair! I almost cried when Mike was doing it because I'm so scared it won't grow back for a while (and it's her first hair :(). I also wonder if it will come back blonde like Clay's did. I've finally gotten used to having a little girl with DARK hair and now I don't want it to come back lighter! She's my dark haired girl! I guess only time will tell...

Speaking of Carolina's head, she almost always has it covered with a big old bow (we do scale it down to the small ones at home). She is so adorable in her bows but one of the side effects of having a bow and moving your head around is this:

I can't tell you how many times a day this happens! (And normally she doesn't handle it that well...)

One of my favorite things about Carolina is her cry (awful, I know). I LOVE the way she cries when she is really mad. It is the girliest "madder than a hornet" cry that I have ever heard. She doesn't do it every time- just when she is ANGRY. I have to apologize to her every time because I totally crack up. She is such a priss!

Lately, Carolina has been acting like a big girl! At the mall, I have been putting her in Clay's seat in the stroller so she can watch all the kids play. She loves to watch the kids and it's amazing how still and quiet she is when she's taking it all in.

It's been so much fun to watch Carolina grow. She is still such a pretty baby and she gets cuter by the day. Since the day she was born, I look at her several times a day and see someone familiar- her Aunt Mandy. She is the spitting image of my sister's baby pictures. So funny! If you know my sister at all, you'll know she won't be lacking a boyfriend at any age with looks like those.

Something I love about our girl is her love of being bounced high on your knee, on the bed or held up high in the air. I'm REALLY hoping this translates into a love for roller coasters and amusement park rides. She gets the biggest grin on her face when we toss her around (gently, of course).

We are so glad our sweet girl is growing up to be so fun! She is laughing, talking and playing more every day. She is very healthy and is moving on up to 3-6 month clothes this week. (This makes mommy a little sad.) We all (especially Clay) love to play with her and make her smile. Her little laugh is so sweet and we're constantly trying to hear it again. We love our little girl!


Anita/Nana said...

Soooo many adorable shots of Carolina. I must admit her smiling ones are a favorite but the one with the bow over her eyes is priceless cuz she is just sitting there waiting for help to arrive. Too cute! Thank you for all the great pics. Love to all.

Jennifer said...

Sheesh, she is sooooo pretty!

Me and My Boys said...

Bows, bows, bows! Love it!! She's so cute!

Jamie and Garrett Skloss said...

She just melts my heart!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness where do I start!!! I just love all the pics of Carolina. She does remind me of Mandy, but you too.:) That cry is the best ever.LOL

jennifer said...

Wow! Already 3 months old!! She is beuatiful and it looks like she has quite the personality!