Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Guests

My dad comes to visit a couple of times a year and this time he brought someone special- his girlfriend, Tina. We had only met Tina once at a family dinner so we were looking forward to getting to know her better.

My dad and Tina left San Antonio early Thursday morning (4:30 AM!) so they could make the most of their trip (and avoid Austin traffic). We spent the day on Thursday visiting and went and had a fun birthday dinner for my dad at Maggiano's Thursday night.

Clay has definitely made a friend in Tina. She is wonderful with children (so much help!) and both of the babies love to be around her. She doesn't mind chasing toddlers (good cardio, she says) or spoon feeding Carolina. We've all had a fun time getting to know each other.

Friday, we got ourselves together and headed for the Dallas Zoo. The day was beautiful and we saw a lot of animals on exhibit. Our zoo time frame is a little short because Clay is so little but we were able to get a lot of good stuff in.

Clay has been wanting to play in this one little stream that the Children's Zoo has and Mike and I have never let him because we don't want him walking around wet. Last time we were there, Clay wanted to play in the water SO BAD. So this time I came prepared with a swim diaper and some trunks and an extra shirt. It was so funny to watch him walk into the water. He walked in and immediately turned around and walked out like "Hmm, I thought I would like it but I really don't. So let's go, Mom." I put him back in the water and showed him how to play and that was all the encouragement he needed. He splashed for another 30 minutes.

Another highlight of the Children's Zoo is the spider ropes. Clay loves to play on these and will play on them for so long.

Clay did make a little friend at the zoo, too- Mr. Tiger. It's the first thing Clay has ever really picked up off a shelf and not wanted to put back down. Lucky for Clay, I'd been planning on buying him one anyway! He was so funny trying to feed the tiger leaves, making the tiger look at the animals and peck on fences and making a load "Roah" sound for the tiger. So much imagination and so cute.

And boy is there a difference between playing with a toy tiger and being growled at by a real one!
We went into the bird and reptile area and they had an exhibit with a model of a city. Within the city was a big time favorite of Clay's- a tractor (thanks, Papa). We hear about tractors all day, every day and Clay was very interested in this exhibit with a tractor in it. Oh, the things that thrill little boys!

You're probably wondering what Little Sister was doing all this time--

A little of this...
And a little of this...
And a lot of this.
We had such a good time with my dad and Tina at the zoo but I think everyone would agree- what an exhausting day! Hope they're ready for some more adventures with us in the next couple of days!


Jennifer W. said...

She is precious. I LOVE her smile, I bet that just lights up your mornings. And Clay by the Tiger exhibit is by far one of the greatest looks on a child I've ever seen. He's so funny.

Me and My Boys said...

So, so fun! I'm glad that you get to spend time with your dad. Our children really need to meet-the boys would have so much fun with each other!

Rebecca said...

The face that Clay is making when the Tiger growls at him is just priceless! I love Carolina's smiley face pics too!!! And that bow...just love it!!:)

Anita/Nana said...

I, too, love the expression pic at the tiger cage, but the ones with the sunglasses...priceless as well! Such little personality's! As usual, sister is so precious in her big bows and big smiles! I'll bet everyone slept good that night!