Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

This was my first Mother's Day as a mother of two babies and it was really sweet. Even though it's a special day for all mothers, I will always remember my first Mother's Day being extra special since it's the day we brought our Clay home from the hospital.

This year I got up to breakfast tacos, flowers and balloons provided by Mike's dad (Papa). What a fun surprise! The kids and I were able to visit with Mike's parents in the morning (Mike was at work) until it was time to meet up for lunch.

We met at Saltgrass and had a really nice lunch. The kids got me three silver serving pieces that I had been wanting.
I LOVE getting practical gifts and I love these pieces. We first got several pieces for our wedding and I use them A LOT. I use them to bake, boil or chill and then I can put them on the table to serve the food as well (minimal clean up!). I was SO excited to get more bowls and platters!

I also got some money to put toward a sewing machine as a sweet birthday/Mother's Day present from Mike's parents. I really want one and Mike had also given me some money for a sewing machine but I have NO idea what kind of machine to get (so if you have any ideas...).

After lunch, Mike's parents left, the kids took their naps and I had a nice afternoon relaxing. With three birthday celebrations (my dad's, mine & Clay's), Mother's Day and company two weekends in a row, we were a little tired. We had a GREAT time with all of our celebrations and company but whew! what a couple of weeks it was! After a late dinner, the Skloss house ALL slept like babies!

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day and I thank God that I get the privilege of being the mother of these two little blessings.

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Anita/Nana said...

Bobby and I feel so blessed to be their Papa and Nana! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures.