Sunday, May 10, 2009

Turning Two

A funny thing happened at our house this week: Mike and I put to bed a one year-old (and I cried) and we woke up in the morning to a two year-old. They grow up so fast!

Clay's last night to be one

We went into his room Saturday morning singing, "Happy Birthday".

He was so embarrassed!

Clay got to be the first recipient of the "Birthday Bucket". The "Birthday Bucket" is a fun tradition that I hope to start in our family where it's the first set of presents you get when you wake up on your birthday morning. Who doesn't love waking up to presents?? The writing on the buckets says, "I wish every day was cake and presents."

Clay's Birthday Bucket had a cool monkey book, monkey pajamas, a set of transportation blocks that make fun sounds when you match up the right vehicles and a big boy birthday shirt with a "2" and "Clay" on it.

Clay's next surprise was one Mike and I were very excited about. We had been planning on his "big" birthday gift since last year and we wanted to get him something he would love. We were down to two different things and ultimately it came down to these "treens".

Clay will play with them endlessly at Toys R Us and he got a small set for Easter that he plays with all the time (and sleeps with the engines). We knew we couldn't go wrong with a Thomas set and Clay was so excited! He played trains every chance he got all day.

"Happy Birthday"- Take Two

For lunch we went to a local diner that we go to a lot. It's a low-key kind of place but they still sing "Happy Birthday"....

"Happy Birthday"- Take Three

Clay's after nap surprise was a set of wheels. His new "truck" was very exciting to him. Nana, Papa and Daddy took him outside for a long time in the afternoon driving around and rolling down hills and he had the best time!

Our next adventure was Rainforest Cafe. Clay loves to go there so we knew he would love it on his birthday.

"Happy Birthday"-Take Four

He got new sunglasses and the first thing he did was put them on his head (like Daddy).

This was Clay's very special "tractor cake". He has been into tractors ever since Christmas and he points them out any time we're anywhere (driving down the road, in the toy store, on television). I saw this cake online and knew I had to try out my cake decorating skills. Four hours later, this little cake was born. I kind of like it and Clay LOVED it! He drove the tractor right through the whole scene.

"Happy Birthday"- Take Five

All those "Happy Birthday's" wear a two year-old out!

Clay had such a wonderful day and we were so thrilled to be able to celebrate him on his 2nd birthday. He is such a joy to us and we absolutely adore our little man.

Happy Birthday Clay Morgan!


Jamie Skloss said...

Aw, what a sweet boy. I just love that smile!

Me and My Boys said...

What a sweet two year old boy! Happy Birthday Clay!

Anita/Nana said...

I think Nana & Papa had as much fun as Clay on Saturday! Just watching him was joyous! I can't imagine having a better day for a two year old! There was lots of work involved, but it all paid off! Just think, in five months you get to do it again for Carolina! Thanks for letting us share in his wonderful day!

Rebecca said...

That is such a fun tradition to start with the bucket thing. What a fun day for him!!

Texas Schaacks said...

Happy Birthday to you and Clay. I can't imagine a day more fun for a two year old. What a fun mom you are.

jennifer said...

Lots of great birthday pictures!! You have had quite the celebrations over the last week! Happy Birthday to both of you and Happy Mothers Day!

Jennifer W. said...

Do you mind if I steal your birthday bucket idea? I love it, so special!! And your cake looks great! I can't think about Avelyn turning two, I might have a heart attack.

Jennifer W. said...

Mermaid outfit is from Gymboree. I love that outfit!! I got her some gold gladiator sandals from Target to go with it, it is SO cute!