Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Say it's Your Birthday....'s MY birthday, too. Almost.

Let's just say that if you live in the Skloss House, you have two choices for your birthday week: May 4 (Me)- May 9 (Clay) or October 24 (Carolina)-October 28 (Mike). Around here, there's not a whole lot of variety in birth dates!

So, since it was our week (and Mother's Day), Clay and I have been partying it up! On Monday, I got to start my day with breakfast in bed. Mike made me wait in bed and he put the finishing touches on breakfast and brought the birthday crew into our room. As Mike was getting everything ready, my "spy" was telling me about my surprises in the kitchen. I could hear his little voice coming from the kitchen- "Fwowers, fwowers, Mama." "Cake, Daddy? I eat cake?" Hmm, do you think there were flowers and cake in the kitchen? What a surprise!

We stayed around the house most of the day just getting stuff done and playing with the kids. Mike made a special dinner of lobster tails, baked potato and asparagus (have I mentioned he's a great cook?).

As a birthday bonus, Carolina decided to eat a vegetable (this NEVER happens) and put on a show:

And what would a birthday be without a cake? I'll let the cake speak for itself:

Just in case you were wondering this delicious creation is red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and a cream center with a white icing swirl decor and dark green festive lettering. It tasted good and it came from the heart. Ironically, Mike got ME cake decorating classes for my birthday. No comment.

Some of my special surprises from the day: pink tulips, a gift certificate for a sewing machine AND a blog makeover (yea!). It was a really special day.

I got to continue my celebrating on Tuesday when Aunt Rebecca came and kept the kids so Mike and I could have a nice dinner. She brought really fun presents, too (as always!). She found the most adorable (and practical) apron and a beautiful blouse and matching bracelets.

Mike and I had a really nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Morton's. You only have one birthday a year so it's fun to celebrate in style! We had nice, quiet conversation and came home to little people already tucked into bed.

Wow, birthdays are good! Can't wait for next year (30!).

Next stop: Clay's birthday!


Jamie Skloss said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet husband you have!
I love the cake, does Mike take outside orders...I have a home coming in July I'd like to talk to him about...

Rebecca said...

What a great way to spend your birthday!!

Anita/Nana said...

Breakfast in bed, flowers, dinner out, Aunt Rebecca to babysit...all very special!! CAROLINA ATE A VEGETABLE...PRICELESS!