Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Little Light of Mine

One of my constant prayers for our children is that they be lights in this world. I pray that they will be the kind of people that everyone wants to be around because they are such happy, joyful people. While Clay is definitely a happy child (and lights up my world every day), I don't think I have ever seen a child as happy as Carolina.

This girl is happy from sun up to sundown. She is always happy to see everybody (okay, sometimes not the church nursery people) but mostly, everybody. Her smile is SO contagious and she flashes it all the time.

A lot of times when I am walking around with her on my hip, I love to sneak a look over at her and catch her grinning at me. She smiles so big whenever I walk into a room (a mom can NEVER get enough of that!).

Carolina had her check up last week and her stats were 18 lbs. 9 oz. and 26 3/4 inches at 7 months. She has the sweetest little chubby legs (adorable in a dress) and just a hint of a belly. The doctor said she was right on target with her skills and growing.

She is sitting up like a champ and FINALLY rolling over consistently. She was a very stubborn girl when it came to rolling over. She would do it very sporadically (enough to where we knew she could do it), she just chose not to.

I was so worried that her stubbornness in rolling over would make her trunk weak and she wouldn't be able to sit up but she is a great sitter.

Just yesterday, someone commented on what a talker she is. This girl has something to say about everything. The day she was born, the nurses told me she would be a talker and they have been right so far. She is still SO noisy when she eats, sleeps and plays.

Our Carolina is doing slightly better on eating vegetables. I am very determined that her lack of love for vegetables will NOT be due to my lack of trying. We throw several jars of vegetables out every week (we try them every other day) but it's getting better.

Her little two bottom teeth have been showing in the gums for a couple of weeks. Just yesterday the one on the left starting peeking through. We hope to see it come all the way through in the next couple of days. Gone are the toothless grins I love so much!

Carolina is totally in love with her brother. He was making her laugh so hard last night and Mike and I were cracking up. He's still not old enough to entertain her for too long (he has his own things to do, you know?) but when he does play with her she loves it. He comes up to her all the time and kisses her hand, her head or or face. He also has a little habit of pushing her over which doesn't go over too well. She loves, loves, loves him but she has definitely learned to watch out for him.

Carolina has been the sweetest addition to our family. We love having an adorable little girl. We look forward to seeing (and pray for) the little lady she will become but for now...

...we're going to enjoy every moment of having a precious baby girl to rock and cuddle.


Jennifer W. said...

I just can't stand how cute she is with that wide open mouthed grin. Beautiful.

Me and My Boys said...

Oh my gracious-that smile IS infectious! I love her bows! Makes me want to have a girl... :)

Anita/Nana said...

So excited to see Carolina sitting up all by herself, and that SMILE is infectious! Can't wait to see her show them both off in person.

Ashlee said...

She is just precious! Those big smiles are so much fun to see! I am also thrilled with our name choice and thankful I didn't see it on the list of names from the SSA this year! Thanks for the comment, too!

Rebecca said...

What a happy girl she is!!! I love the pj's!!! Clay and Carolina are soo cute together!!!