Monday, June 27, 2011


So it turns out that our small town library has some pretty fun people come through in the summer and we got to meet one of them...Critterman! He's not that exciting but given that it was just up the road and it was free- that meets some of my criteria for a good outing!

We got there right on time and we still got to sit on the floor in the front row. My crew is not quite ready to sit by themselves so I got a close-up seat for all the critters, too. (Yay.) The room filled quickly with daycares and other kids and pretty soon it was standing room only. Again, I was surprised at the crowd for our small town!

Critterman came out and was really personable and funny. He told lots of kid jokes that were just a little above my kids' heads but Clay laughed anyway. He brought out lots of animals and told us what part of the world they were from and about their habits.

It was really educational and neat to see the animals but it was almost an hour and so it was a little bit long for my little ones. There were lots of wiggles and talking and reminders about good manners (from me, not Critterman) but I think that's all part of the experience at this age. The kids got to see lots of fun creatures and "people-watch" all the other kids.

Critterman brought out about 10 animals (Madagascar hissing cockroach, sugar glider, tortoise, opossom) and it was fun to see what he would pull out of the cage next. He ended the presentation with a bunny that he let all the kids come up and pet. The line was pretty crazy and disorganized so we waited until last and the kids got a nice long turn.

It was really cute and I'm so glad that we got to go and see some neat animals and learn a few things, too! Now if only I could get Clay to stop asking for a pet rabbit every day since...

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