Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nash Farm

Yesterday we had a fun playdate planned at Nash Farm. We met up with Clay's best friend, Cody, and his mom, Leslie. Cody and Clay could play together for hours (and normally do).

The kids were immediately drawn to the tractor that pulls the wagon ride. They were climbing all over it and they were thrilled when the man came over and offered to take us on a ride. The man tried to tell us about all of the things that were planted on the farm and all the equipment but the tractor was so loud it was kind of hard to hear.

It was super sunny and hot but the kids thought it was hilarious when we would go over bumps in the road. It was a fun ride but we were all glad to get back in the shade!

They had tables with toy tractors set up and other tractors to climb on so it was fun for the kids to get to be hands-on with it all.

We went into a barn and saw a some little kittens and the kids thought that was great. When Mike asked Carolina about her day she told him about the kittens. So cute. They also had some old-fashioned games and the kids played and played with them. Clay asked me several times if we could take them home!

It started to get super hot so we wrapped up our time there with a trip to the garden. The kids thought they were big stuff when they were watering the plants. Carolina watered her clothes several times but who could blame her? It was hot!

After Nash Farm we went to a local park that was super shady but even there the kids were really red and their hair was dripping. Summer is here! We wrapped up our day with lunch and an INDOOR playground. Yay for air conditioning! It was a fun, fun day!

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