Friday, June 24, 2011

Water Fun

Mike reminded me that there was a cute little aquatic park nearby that we hadn't been to yet. I am so glad we tried it because we had the best time! The kids were SO excited when we got there and Mike and I loved it because it was a great size for kids but just small enough where we could see both kids at all times.

Clay went straight for the water slide and Carolina went for the water itself. She is quite the mama's girl so she was pretty big on sitting on the edge with me, too.

As much as the kids play together at home, they almost always go in completely opposite directions when we're in public. It's not surprising given their opposite personalities but it does make it harder to track them!

The water was a perfect depth for the kids. It was just tall enough where they were wet but not tall enough where floaties were necessary. Clay did the slide a bunch but he also worked on putting his face in the water and trying to swim. The kids have never had any type of swim lessons but Clay is quite the fish! I'm sure some lessons are in the near future.

Carolina loved running in the fountains and jumping up and down in the water. She cracked us up because this was the first time she's worn a bathing suit with a skirt for the bottoms and she kept pulling it up and yelling to me, "Mama! My baving soup's fawwing off!" Poor girl thought she was losing her bottoms for the first hour we were there. Thank goodness she got used to it!

She would go to the entrance of the water (there were no stairs, it just gradually got deeper) and call over to Mike and me to walk out of the pool to her--and then immediately we would walk back in. It was completely pointless but that's what she wanted and she has a little bossy streak. She would call, "Mama, come here" until I complied and then we would do it all over again a few minutes later.

Ever since she was itty-bitty, I would tell Mike that I thought she would be one of the kids that was always hanging out with the adults instead of the kids and that's exactly how she is. She would much rather Mike and I be her playmates than any of the kids wherever we are. It works for us right now but I'm hoping she'll branch out a little as she gets older (she did play with some little girls at Chick-Fil-a yesterday after I led her over to them and told them her name and it was the cutest thing).

Clay, on the other hand, was completely content doing his own thing. He found a little girl to play with toward the end and they followed each other around. He loves to find a friend to play with but he also wants us to be watching everything he does. When Mike and Carolina and I got out to dry off, he kept telling us to come back in the water until I came and stood close to him in the water. He's happiest when we're right there with him (and that's where we want to be!).

Carolina thought she was big stuff hanging out on the lounge chair with her cover-up on. She had a couple of kids her age come up and talk to her and you would have thought she was the queen on her throne!

We had such a great time playing in the water and watching the kids. We're loving getting in the water this summer so we'll definitely be heading back!

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Me and My Boys said...

How fun! I so wish that we had some sort of small(er) water/splash park for the boys.