Saturday, June 4, 2011

Embarrassing Carolina

We went to a festival today which was held in the town where Mike works. We talked to Mike on the way there and since it is in his area, he told us that he would swing by.

We got to the festival and I was talking the the ticket lady when Carolina TOOK OFF running. I could hear her screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" but she couldn't hear me yelling after her, "Carolina! STOP! That's NOT Daddy!".

She reached the officer who was in a uniform just like Daddy's, standing next to a car just like Daddy's. She grabbed his leg, looked up at him and RAN back to me!

She never said anything about it to me but when we saw Mike a couple of hours later at lunch (he never made it to the festival) and he tried to take her out of her carseat, she screamed and cried for me. That's never happened before so I think she might have been a little spooked by the Daddy mishap. Oops.

We had barely been in the festival for 10 minutes when we had our next embarrassing moment.

Our first stop was the bounce house and all the kids were playing in it while the parents were talking. It was one of those bounce houses with the big climbing wall inside where they get to the top and slide down. I knew they were safely playing inside and I could hear the kids laughing as we talked. But at one point, Carolina came running out fussing about hitting her head. I picked her up to hold her and comfort her and then realized- she had been playing in the bounce house with her dress on and no diaper!

I'm positive that I had just changed her and put a diaper on her before we left the house and I'm pretty sure that I couldn't have buckled her and unbuckled her in her car seat without noticing her lack of a diaper (could I?!). What happened to her diaper between me changing it and her playing in the bounce house is another story. When I asked her where her diaper was, she said, "At home." Hmmm.

I was SO embarrassed that she had been bare bottom in the bounce house but luckily I did have a diaper in the bag I had next to me. Phew! She's been taking her diapers off all the time at home now when she's wet or dirty so I think today was a big push to potty-train. Big push.

There's never a dull moment with that girl.

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