Saturday, June 4, 2011

Super Hero Festival

Today we got to hang out with some super special people- super heroes! It was a local festival that was being held for the first time. Some of our friends were also there so it was really fun to get to hang out with them, too.

It was a pretty simple set-up (which is great for my crew) with a bounce house, snow cones and games. The kids loved jumping in the jump house and could've played for hours!

We reluctantly left playing in the bounce house to play some games with the super heroes. All the kids were divided into teams and my kids were on Bat Girl's team. She was super sweet and Carolina just loved her.

The kids did sack races and I was so impressed by how mine listened and stayed in their spots like they were supposed to. They came in total last place but hey, they got Honorable Mention ribbons and couldn't have been more thrilled!

What's the best way to cool off from a sack race?? Snow cones! Clay and Carolina and their little friends all thoroughly enjoyed their purple snow cones. The mamas will worry about the purple laundry later!

We did more bouncing on the bounce houses and headed for lunch with Daddy. It was really neat to get to see some super heroes up close and get to talk to them, too. Clay is still pretty shy about pictures with characters but Carolina was all in!

I think we'll definitely be back next year.

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