Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Guy

Here are a couple of things we've heard from Clay lately:

Me: Do you want to watch The Berenstein Bears or the Wild Kratts?
Clay: I want to watch that one--the Holy Craps.

Mike: Clay, you need to clean up the Mr. Potato Head stuff in the living room.
Clay: But I didn't play with it.
Mike: Yes, you did. I was in the room when you were doing it.
Clay: But you didn't see me playing with it!

Me: Clay you need to tell Carolina sorry for pulling her off my lap and onto the floor.
Clay: It was an accident. Honey, you know that!

Clay: (first thing when he sits down at the breakfast table in the morning): So, how do we get our own baby?
Me: No comment.

Clay: When you have another baby, is Jesus going to take him out?
(FYI, we're not having another baby)

Clay: Daddy, if Mommy has another baby how is it going to get in her belly? Her mouth is really small!

Clay: Mama, if we have another baby, do we have to give Carolina to another family?

Clay: I want to have another snack.
Me: We'll get one when this show is over in a couple of minutes.
Clay: A couple of minutes is a long time, honey.

We went to a gender reveal party where we had to wear pink or blue according to our guess on the baby's gender. I was explaining to Clay that when they cut the cake we will see whether it's a boy or a girl.
Clay: If the cake is pink, do I have to go home and change my shirt??

I wish I wrote down all the things this little guy says on a daily basis. He is so smart and inquisitive (especially about our non-existent baby) and we love to hear what he has to say!


Jenn said...

Ohh my gosh! THANK YOU! I soo needed to laugh today.. This was THE cutest thing ever! I love it that he calls you Honey.. You are soo blessed.. This post made my day! Also poor Carolina I hope you dont have to give her to another family..

jennifer said...

Super cute!! {Yes, I'm still reading!!!}

Anita/Nana said...

Clay is still adorable! I love listening to his conversations.